“William Chaney is a coach without equal. Many times, when hiring a consultant, you feel like you are paying a person to use your watch to tell what time it is. In contrast, every moment of coaching with William is absolutely worth it.  He is an experienced leader and a powerful motivator. ” Dr. Kwesi R. KamauCEO, Pastor / United States

Your Professional Quality of Life Assessment

Here you will answer some questions about your experiences, both positive and negative, as a [helper]. Consider each of the following questions about you and your current work situation. Select the number that honestly reflects how frequently you experienced these things in the last 30 days.

Incredible Parenting Assessment

It’s time to discover your PARENTING STRENGTHS! This assessment will help you to identify a few of the natural abilities you bring to your home and family. By taking this assessment, you will begin the journey of parenting to your strengths and becoming the Incredible Parent you were meant to be!

Leadership Style Assessment

The Gill Leadership Type Assessment will identify your natural leadership style among four primary leadership types: Inspirational, Delegative, Directive, and Supportive. Not only will this Assessment help you understand your default leadership style, but it will also rank your less-utilized styles. With practice, you can turn your leadership style into a core leadership strength. Additionally, you can broaden your leadership expertise as you learn to toggle among the four types, strategically choosing the style (or styles) that best suits the situation. This assessment takes 2 minutes or less to complete.

Church Planting EQ

The church planting EQ has been designed as a development tool to be used once you are inspired to explore church planting. Along with a church planting coach or EQ coach, this assessment can help you to discern if you are emotionally prepared for church planting based on eight categories (Personal, Spiritual, Vocational, Visioning, Relational, Cultural, Missional, Adaptable).